What Is Ahimsa?

You might be wondering what ‘Ahimsa’ is. Ahimsa is a Sanskrit word: अहिंसा

It is inspired by the idea that all living beings on earth, (humans, cats, lizards, insects, horses etc.) have a spark of the divine spiritual energy. Therefore, to hurt another living being is to hurt oneself. The idea is found in Jainism, Buddhism and Hinduism and can be loosely translated into the English word ‘compassion’.

However, it is better explained by the phrases, ‘non-injury’ and ‘non-killing’. It implies the total avoidance of harming of any kind of living creatures not only by deeds, but also by words and in thoughts.

I love this concept because it encapsulates my own personal philosophy and is why I have adopted a vegan lifestyle. That means that I do not include any animal products in my diet. It also means I abstain from doing things like visiting zoos, riding elephants or wearing leather.

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